17.0818:00- 20:00Westwing Tech Warsaw #2Miasto:WarszawaTyp:CloudProgramowanieTechniczne

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As the tech team in Westwing, we deliver an eCommerce platform for our home&living business which serves more than 26 million members in 14 countries. Our team, with more than 140 people, works not only on the web store itself but also develops multiple internal tools for our company. We are located in Munich, Berlin, and Warsaw.

In this session we will present the following talks:

Flexible workers in AWS

In the session, we will present how to use AWS features to set up worker environments that can process asynchronous tasks in the cloud. We will demonstrate an example worker architecture that uses queueing services and auto scaling features of the Amazon cloud. You will see how to easily offload some heavy tasks from a web server to separate worker instances. We will show you how to configure virtual machines that can scale up or down, basing on the amount of work that needs to be done or basing on time criteria that fit your business flow. As the result, you will be able to distribute the load across multiple compute instances and provide your end users with a better web browsing experience.

When GitLab CI meets AWS infrastructure (with Docker)

This time, we would like to show you how our Continuous Integration setup looks like with GitLab as our code repository manager and software used to run Continuous Integration pipeline. As most of our services are already in the AWS (or will be there soon), we wanted to prepare a setup that is robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective for our use cases. And you know what? We did it. And now we will show you how we did this, why we’re paying only when we work and how the heck we managed to not store any single password or access key in the whole setup.

Westwing Tech Warsaw #2


17 sierpnia, 18:00 - 17 sierpnia, 20:00


Westwing Home & Living Sp. z o. o.

ul. Twarda 18, Warszawa (Rondo ONZ)

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