soap! 2017


7.06- 9.06Cały dzieńsoap! 2017Miasto:KrakówTyp:GrafikaMinioneProgramowanieUX/UI

Opis wydarzenia

soap! is an annual conference dedicated to product-related content. It is built by content professionals for their colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe. It brings a fresh perspective to the world of technical communication by going beyond the already said & known. If you are involved in any of these areas:
*technical writing
*UX & UI design
*product development
*team building
*project management
you should join us at soap!

This year our speakers will talk about solving content-related problems, including:
*From Wiki to CMS
*From PDF to Webhelp
*Facilitating content translation process
*Open source documentation
*Documenting microservices
*Quality technical training
and more!

soap! 2017


07 Czerwiec - 09 Czerwiec


Marii Konopnickiej 26

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