.NET Developer Days


19.10- 20.10Cały dzień.NET Developer DaysMiasto:WarszawaTyp:MinioneProgramowanie

Opis wydarzenia

.NET DeveloperDays is a premium conference for all developers using Microsoft development stack, featuring some of the best speakers in the industry.

Come to Warsaw in order to learn, explore and network. Be prepared to be inspired and entertained!

During two days of the conference (Monday – Tuesday, October 19th-20th) you will have the opportunity to follow at least 20 technical sessions divided into two tracks and delivered by truly great speakers, network at the conference party and interact with our sponsors and exhibitors.

Więcej informacji o wydarzeniu znajdziesz na http://net.developerdays.pl/

.NET Developer Days


19 Październik - 20 Październik


Centrum Kongresowe EXPO XXI

Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14, Warszawa

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