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Meet4tTalk is a knowledge sharing platform for IT professionals interested in broadly defined Cloud Computing. We want to build the community by organizing various events that will connect people working in IT sector. This time we prepared some great topics for You:

„Small refactoring, big changes” – Jarosław Stadnicki

During this presentation, we will try to explain what code refactoring is about and try to clarify the sophisticated terms connected with it. We will also let you in on a recipe for good refactoring and answer your questions on whether refactoring is a good idea for your projects. We want to share a slightly different approach that should appeal to both veteran developers and their less experienced colleagues. And we promise to do our best to show you how analyzing bugs can be made easier.

Azure DevTest Lab – Mirosław Choma and Piotr Rogala

Azure DevTest Lab is a new service designed to easily create and share test environments with developers. We will cover running and maintaining test environments on Windows. This presentation will familiarize the users with ways of minimizing losses by using rules and assignments. You will also find out how to reduce costs by setting up automatization or re-using an environment throughout projects. With DevOps guidelines, testers and developers will see how to use the service for increasing productivity and simplifying resource management.

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