Byte My Code – new Java conference


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Join us for the inaugural ByteMyCode Conference – a brand new conference bringing Java Champions and RockStars, Gurus, craftsmen and craftswomen together under one roof, in historic Wroclaw, hosted by UBS.

Performant, crafted code, is at the heart of UBS Poland’s delivery and these are the people we bring to learn from. ByteMyCode will host industry SuperStars including Java Champions Josh Long and Kirk Pepperdine.

Come and hear about the latest hot trends in Java, Performance tuning, Craftsmanship and lean project delivery – the themes and ideals that form the heart of UBS’ Industry leading and Award winning projects: created collaboratively, built agilely, tested automatically, celebrated collectively!

Come, learn, share, collaborate – ByteMyCode – October 7th, Wroclaw.

Byte My Code – new Java conference


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