Atmosphere 2018


18.06Cały dzieńAtmosphere 2018Miasto:WarszawaTyp:DevOpsZarządzanieProgramowanieSystemy operacyjneTechnologie

Opis wydarzenia

The sixth edition of our conference is coming back to Warsaw to bring together the best, qualified IT professionals and developers hungry for the practical knowledge and firsthand cases of developing and running complex IT systems and applications.

Atmosphere Conference is the place for web ops, devs and system engineers who seek deeper knowledge and the experience of their rock-and-rolling colleagues dealing with challenging problems.

Real use cases, lessons learned, deep-dive success and failure stories – you will get it all from our top-notch IT speakers and top-level attendees.


Atmosphere 2018


18 Czerwiec (cały dzień)


Kino Praha

Jagiellońska 26, 03-719 Warszawa

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